Update [2019]: I continue to monitor key issues which are decided for our City in Elections, with housing and quality of life at the top of the list. We need to continue to support candidates and initiatives that (a) are truly innovative, to match the sheer difficult of the issues at hand (b) align with our vision and values for our city (c) most importantly -- get things done for our Citizens ! I vote and support as such, and hope you did as well. My heart goes to all the brave candidates that stand up and run for office, a truly honorable pursuit in our times. *Please vote, please get involved*.


In the 2014 San Francisco Election, thanks to your wonderful support of our campaign, we won over 20% of the vote with a positive, grass-roots-driven campaign and few resources. We feel fortunate and proud of our first Supervisor run (which gathered the most votes for a non-incumbent across San Francisco) and look forward to upcoming election challenges focused on improving people's lives, via stronger innovation and results in City Hall. See you next time !!

Below is a summary about me and my 2014 campaign...
I am a 10-year resident of District 2. My children were born and raised here.  I am an avid bicycle and train commuter.  I see every day how District residents and San Franciscans are struggling because our city government fails to meet today’s challenges around education, transportation, technology and affordability.

While San Francisco sits at the center of global technology and innovation, our city government lags far behind.  We waste too many resources on outdated and ineffective practices. We need to create America’s most innovative city, with creative leaders who have the vision and energy to improve people’s lives through more responsive and open government.

This requires electing leaders who have experience outside the normal channels of politics and government.  I have spent my adult life as an innovator, helping create solutions for all aspects of society from communications to clean energy.  My commitment is to bring my success as an inventor, scientist and business leader to create new programs that can change peoples’ lives:

  • Modernize our transit to create a more customer-friendly Muni, ensure zero-fatalities by 2018, green our transportation system, and improve circulation for all vehicles.
  • Create a citizen-friendly city government that provides better access to city services, including all-mobile service access; improves efficiency in spending tax dollars; and sets a goal for zero-paperwork by 2020.
  • Public-private partnerships that work to maintain the local character of District 2’s neighborhoods and connect the business community with our local schools to improve education.

Thank you for your consideration.


Juan-Antonio Carballo

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